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Guiding principles

At the overarching level we find the declarations of our guiding principles about the purpose of our education. These consist of clear philosophical statements concerning our vision, mission, goals, values and educational philosophical statement.

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Policies and procedures

Our policies and procedures, to guide the daily operations of each school, can broadly be classified into three categories.

The first is the wellbeing, health and safety of our students and staff, regulating and defining explicit codes of conduct. Each of the policies and procedures also designate roles and describe clear responsibilities.

The second category largely consists of curricula related regulations and procedures, spanning from admission and attendance to teaching and learning, assessment and academic performance.

Whereas the first two categories include regulations found in most schools, the third category is innovation, which we believe is what sets us apart from the rest. Fundamental in this segment is our educational philosophy which outlines our teaching methodology.

At ABQ, high quality teaching takes place when lessons are carefully structured with activities that match the learning outcomes and students’ needs. Through our Discovering You mentoring programme, we aim at addressing each student’s unique learning needs in such a way that their learning becomes fully personalized.

A constant focus on improvement across the three schools, ensures the best practices are always implemented to the benefit of all our students.


Awards & Recognition

We pride ourselves on the impressive achievements of our students.


Our education philosophy

Our education philosophy is an optimal blend of teacher led and student driven activities.

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