Meet our students

There is no limit to what ABQ students can achieve. We encourage every child to develop strong skills and
values so they can thrive academically and socially.

At Azzan Bin Qais International school we are proud of all of our students. We reward excellence and challenge our students to be the best that they can be. We have an eclectic student body, with students from almost 40 countries. Our wide selection of subjects and extra-curricular activities ensures that every student can explore their interests.

High expectations of academic achievement and behaviour are paramount to our success as a school. Our students are also encouraged to take part in a variety of sports that we offer and our most athletic students often represent the school on our various sports teams. We believe that it is important that students lead a healthy lifestyle. Research has shown that students that have a healthy, balanced lifestyle often perform better academically.

Here is what some of our students say about our school

‘I like studying at Azzan Bin Qais International School because the teachers listen to my concerns and help me to understand’

‘I love playing for the Leopards, it gives me a sense of pride in my school.’

‘The Islamic department guides me on the correct path and helps me to grow spirituality.’

‘I’m graduating this year and have spent all 14 years of my schooling here at Azzan Bin Qais International School. The teachers and admin staff feel like family to me. I will miss them all when I start university next year.’

‘There has been a lot of changes at Azzan Bin Qais this year and I am excited about what the future holds.’

‘My teachers have pushed me hard all year. I am hopeful that all my hard work will result in good IGCSE grades Inshallah.’

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No of Students






Graduating Class AVG Years in School

7 years

Male Female Percentage
Male 55% Female 45%
Total Number of Graduates692
Percentage Grade 12 Scholarships Awarded77%

Meals Served Per Year:439,200


Our school facilities

We recognize the importance of modern well equipped facilities in imparting a wholesome learning experience.


Awards & Recognition

We pride ourselves on the impressive achievements of our students.

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