ABQ Education Group launches first K-12
education Operator Model in Oman

The ABQ Education Group has become the first private sector education provider in Oman to launch a K-12 education Operator model. ABQ Education Group manages multiple schools in Oman including Azzan bin Qais International, Seeb International School and Sohar International School – making it the largest private sector K-12 education provider in Oman. ABQ Education Group schools maintain several academic and non-academic accreditations and affiliations. The accreditations and approvals ensure that that school operations are validated by international institutions and they continuously learn from global institutions and evolve their offerings.

Educational philosophy and teaching methods: Finding the right balance

At ABQ, our educational philosophy is our guiding principles and ideals about the purpose
of our education. In its purest applied form, it centers around how lessons are structured to match the learning outcomes and students’ needs. These very often evolve around how to bring out each student’s potential, measured in their individual performances. Because each teacher comes to the classroom with his or her individual teaching style and way of being, they will affect student progress in different ways. Thus, any discussion about educational philosophies has the tendency to gravitate towards a debate about teaching methodologies, i.e. practices used to deliver the curriculum.

Building the Future – the ABQ way

We all know that there are no shortcuts to sustainable success. Two young minds that
understand this perfectly well are Rawnaq and Najat, two of the A level students at ABQ Seeb International School. They started the final two years of their pre university
education earlier this academic year and have just had the results of their first component
in mathematics. Both achieved an A – the highest possible grade at this level.


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