What makes our school special?

The ingredients which make us special are a rich pedigree, academic focus, personalized education, constant innovation, and our motto

“ We Care”

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At ABQ our aspirations are high. For our students, we are not just looking at K-12 education as an end in itself. Our sights are much beyond. We take the responsibility to prepare each of our students for what lies ahead in life. We arm them not only with core academic knowledge but also imbibe in them essential 21st Century skills – a powerful combination needed to realize their potential in a fast changing world.

We are well positioned for and aspire to occupy a unique position in K-12 education in Oman:

  1. Unmatched history and pedigree – since 1990
  2. Powerful blend of international education and local culture
  3. Top performing group in Cambridge examinations in Oman in 2019
  4. First standardized school Operator model in Oman – The ABQ Way
  5. Consistent high-quality teaching and learning
  6. Passionate and engaged educators
  7. Personalized education and mentorship programs
  8. Leadership and Entrepreneurship programs
  9. Thought leader in Oman K – 12 education
  10. We Care – our motto

Our school facilities

We recognize the importance of modern well equipped facilities in imparting a wholesome learning experience.


Awards & Recognition

We pride ourselves on the impressive achievements of our students.

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